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A landscape that transforms throughout the year, always magnificent.

What about a region where, by force of arms, man has taken the most precious wine from the world to the shale mountains?

Carved in terraces of vine, as if from a staircase of giants it was.
In this valley where the earth smells like earth,
Life awakens amidst haze and falls asleep through consented, cold or torrid silences, exalting aromas of must and spiritual seductions with tradition and history.

1756 – Region along the Douro River was demarcated for the production of Port Wine using 335 Pombaline Markers (Granite Stone Markers bearing a number).
This region is the oldest demarcated region in the world.

1926 – The Portuguese government creates a protected warehousing/distribution zone in Vila Nova de Gaia.
Only warehouses/wineries located in this zone could sell directly to consumers. All other wineries in the Douro region were prohibited from selling/exporting directly.
Quintas had to sell their grapes/wine to the big Port houses to do business.

1986 – When Portugal joined the EU.
Government regulations limiting the selling/exporting of wine from Vila Nova de Gaia were lifted.
All producers from the Douro region could now sell/export wine under their own brand without restrictions.

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